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Nationals vs. Braves 5/20/18

Interesting notes regarding today’s game Washington Nationals (Scherzer) vs. the Atlanta Braves (Colon). 5Dime’s lines on this game were […]

Why Bet the MLB Run Line?

The MLB run line offers more advantages than any other, my opinion. I believe the oddsmakers overcompensate if you’re […]

How to Bet the Run Line

I’ve found that betting the MLB run line is the best way to build a healthy bankroll.Following these simple […]

Why Bet the Over?

  The over/under simply refers to the total number of runs scored by both teams in a game. My […]

How to Bet the Over

  Betting the over is simply betting over on the over/under line. My compelling reasons for betting the over […]

The Trend is Your Friend

This often used axiom to pick winners on Wall Street also holds true when picking winners against the MLB […]

Picks and Results


With the MLB season winding down is thrilled to announce our participation in the NFL Las Vegas Supercontest! […]

Cubs vs. Giants Free Pick

The Chicago Cubs (Arrieta) travel to San Francisco to take on the Giants (Moore). Arrieta may not be quite […]

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Some of the most often used adages from Wall Street can also be applied to the world of sports betting. “The trend is your friend, “buy low, sell high” and “paper trade before trading with real money”. The idea is to test your knowledge and strategies. Stock Market trading platforms fund your account with “play money” in an account that’s real in every other way. Make mistakes and learn from them, test theories, and keep accurate records of every trade you make. It’s an incredible tool to […]